According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nations need for workers in skilled trades is increasing much faster than the growth of employment. A survey by the Associated General Contractors of America found that 70% of U.S. Construction firms reported difficulty in finding qualified skilled trade professional. This skilled labor shortage has added extra hurdles, time and costs to many projects according to builders, hindering the current boom time in the industry. The main reason for this shortage in skilled trade professionals with skilled trades is due to older generations / baby boomers entering retirement faster than they can be replaced.

With vocational education nearly non existent in most high schools, and the message that college is necessary for a successful career constantly broadcasted to young students, many aren’t pursuing the building trades, despite the potential for high wages, high demand, and self-employment.

Adding to this, most U.S. high schools have eliminated shop classes and other vocational training opportunities due to budget cuts. This has employers from many industries asking themselves: Where will the next generation of skilled trade professionals come from, who will be teaching, qualifying and certifying them and how can we help ensure the future success of our businesses?

The demand for skilled trade professional in other industries is at all time high also. Manufacturers have to outsource or hire skilled trade professional from other countries to satisfy their needs.


The mindset in this great country needs to be changed. It must start with informing and educating students, parents and schools on a proactive level about the benefits of pursuing careers in high demand trades in the building / construction and manufacturing industries.

Fundamentally, the process needs to start early on. Students and parents need to be informed and educated as early as junior high.

We at 327 CAREER CENTER are working closely with local high schools and their career technology departments and counselors, focusing on those students who aren’t college bound or who don’t have a career path currently. Educating and informing students about the benefits of the path in a skilled labor trade and the lifestyle it can create in a very short period of time is changing the mindset and attitude of students and parents. The fact that these programs are mostly FREE and or funded by the State or through GRANTS make them even more attractive as students have no student loans upon graduation.

Let 327 Career Center help you create the NEXT GENERATION of skilled trade professionals for your business.


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