• We Pre-Qualify all candidates with background checks, drug screenings, education (GED / Work Keys / WIN) and work experience verification, saving you time, money and aggravation

• Our state of the art, comprehensive “WINNING EDGE WORK ESSENTIAL & LIFE SKILLS TRAINING” is the solution and crucial foundation for employers seeking to build an effective, more productive and efficient workforce

• We save you time and money

• We help reduce turnover

Low cost labor during Pre-Apprenticeships

Low risk during Pre-Apprenticeships

We manage, operate, facilitate and control the Pre-Apprenticeship and Full Apprenticeship Programs from start to finish saving you time, money and ensure apprentices become qualified and certified with full credentials in the shortest time possible

We customize apprenticeships for businesses

We train and certify existing employees

We improve company climate

The END RESULT is a dedicated, reliable employee / workforce with skills and knowledge which will be a valuable asset to your business, your industry, increase your productivity and take your business to the next level !!!